New Full Day SVEE Program – ‘Climate Change and Business Strategy’​

Climate Change and Business Strategy (CCABS)

Who should take this 1-day program?

CCABS is intended for organizations and teams with an interest in how climate change is impacting business, and how business sustainability depends both on mitigating climate impacts and on adaptation to ongoing climate change. While the program does not shy away from using scientific terms, the material is easily accessible, and no prior familiarity with climate science is assumed. The program examines a range of approaches to business sustainability in the context of a changing climate, the actions that business can take to improve the climate outlook, and the emergence of a climate-aware economy.

What is the focus of this course?

CCABS is an optimistic take on the daunting issue of climate change, and maps how business can play a definitive role in addressing the problem of climate change. In terms of balance, the program addresses the business implications of climate change (80% of the day) integrated with a bit of Climate Science for grounding (20% of the day). 

What are the skills that this program is intended to develop?

  • Understanding and communicating the business implications of a changing climate.
  • Developing strategies for business sustainability in the context of a changing climate.
  • Defining and carrying out the actions businesses can take to improve the climate outlook.
  • Helping businesses prepare for the emergence of a climate-aware economy.
  • Engaging with changing consumer expectations in the context of Climate Change.
  • Responding to the demands that Climate Change place on corporate strategy.

Program summary

CCABS addresses a range of topics that cover the principal elements of how business is affected by climate change, and how changing business practices can improve (or worsen) the climate outlook. 

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