Leadership Agility

GOLD (“Gratitude Organizational Leadership Development”) is a program designed for improving Leadership Agility by combining the power of group peer work with individualized coaching. The program was crafted by experienced thought-leaders, from working with over 150 companies globally, conducted by The Gratitude Network in collaboration with Silicon Valley Executive Education.

Growing companies face many organizational and leadership challenges – just by the nature of growth. This program addresses these issues, drastically transforming leaders into ‘GOLD teams’, all while solidifying social responsibility and engaging employees in giving back.

Leadership Development

While many companies know that they need to find a way to continually develop their most significant leaders, they really have few options for doing this. Investing in leaders is one of the best investments a company can come given the positive ripple effects:

-Personal growth as a manager and leader
-Improved communications skills
-Increased sensitivity to diversity & inclusion
-Setting clear goals and expectations for employees
-Improved strategic planning

The GOLD Program is available to make this investment in the context of actual/current projects & challenges.

Top Leadership Retention

Retaining top leadership can be challenging for a variety of reasons:

-Burnout / personal reasons
-Lack of growth opportunities / recognition
-Organizational culture
-Limited autonomy

The GOLD Program helps organizations retain their most valued leaders because it is viewed as a reward and privilege by the leaders who are chosen to participate in the program.

Increase Team Productivity
As a company grows, it can become more challenging to maintain the same level of productivity among teams.
-Complexity to navigate new resources
-Communication breakdowns
-Lack of clear goals and expectations
-Decrease in employee engagement
-Bureaucracy and red tape

The GOLD Program helps develop and maintain the high performance teams leading a company to success.

Organizational Silos
Siloed departments can happen for a number of reasons.
-Lack of communication and coordination
-Limited cross-functional collaboration
-Competition for resources
-Different cultures or incentives & rewards
-Limited leadership visibility & accountability

The GOLD Program will help with cross-functional leadership and lowering silos across departments

Lack of Inclusive Leadership

A lack of inclusive leadership can have a number of negative consequences for an organization.
-Lack of workforce diversity, which can negatively impact: Creativity & Innovation.
-Lack of engagement & retention of diverse employees.
-Culture of marginalization which will result in low morale & productivity

The GOLD Program will help with implementing DEI Initiatives

GOLD combines customized 1:1 leadership coaching AND monthly* group sessions for often siloed department leaders.

GOLD encourages immediate integration of skills with existing projects, programs & challenges.

GOLD allows you to cost-effectively retain & develop your most valuable leaders AND improve team-work & productivity throughout the organization.

The GOLD Program is different by combining 5 elements into leader & team growth:
-Customized 1:1 coaching to address individuals’ leadership needs
-Group process allows for Peer to Peer learning
-Group process tears down silos and create improved communication across organizations / departments
-Immediate integration with existing projects / programs and challenges
-Employee Engagement by applying leadership skills in your community

1:1 Social Impact is one of the best benefits of GOLD

For every employee enrolled in this program, The Gratitude Network offers a year of leadership training and one-on-one coaching to a deserving social impact entrepreneur.

In addition, choose the organization to direct the gift to within three categories (Education, Health and Well-being, and Human Rights) and in a variety of countries/regions.


C-suite sponsors (CEO / CHRO) choose 12 to 15 critical leaders from a company to participate in GOLD + Program length (6, 9 or 12 months)

Customize a program relevant to a company’s challenges thanks to GOLD’s carefully curated leadership modules. All participants learn together as peers in monthly facilitated group sessions.

We match one of our highly experienced executive Coaches to each of your chosen participants. Each participant receives monthly 1:1 coaching, which reinforces the group work and integrates with real time corporate projects and challenges.


-Pre-Assessment (360 assessment)
-Facilitated team learning modules (peer cohort)
-1:1 Coaching – once per month with highly qualified coach
-Quarterly check-ins with C-Suite sponsors
-Post-Assessment (to measure progress)

GOLD Customizable Modules

1. Building Trust & Emotional Intelligence
2. Highly Effective Leadership Coaching
3. Executive Presence
4. Building the High-Performance Team
5. Communication & Influence
6. Inclusive Leadership (DEI)
7. Developing a Culture of Accountability & Results
8. Creative Problem Solving and Innovation Management
9. Managing & Leading in a Changing Workplace

For more information, please contact [email protected].